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Chubbs Sugar Scrub 4oz bar

11/11/17 4:07 PM


Original Unscented The Original Chubbs Bar shampoo for cats, dogs, and other pets in an unscented formula. Great for degreasing, deep cleaning, whitening, brightening, and more! A great all-around shampoo for pets in a no-waste, eco-friendly,…

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Sugar Scrub
Sugar Scrub
$9.50 – $32.00

Specialty Chubbs Bar – Sugar Scrub!

Sugar ScrubS Chubbs Bar combine the unbeatable clean of the Original Unscented Chubbs Bar with the benefits of a sugar scrub. Great for those really dirty animals or those with skin conditions that could benefit from a sugar scrub treatment. Now both are in one single product! No mixing. Quick and easy and always ready when you need it!

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