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Colorful Magic in minutes

23/07/18 5:59 PM

To me dogs have always been magical creatures, part of my very heart and soul. I could not nor would I want to ever imagine them not in my life bringing compassion, love and the wonder of color to my world. All the children who have grown up in our family know dogs come in many colors shapes and sizes, but especially color, Clifford and Blues Clues had nothing on the dogs of our family and all those children grew up knowing that it was not unusual to see a green panda or multi colored spotted Dalmatian, in a creative family it just normal for your poodle to look like a rocking horse. It’s not magic but Magic Pens that are the new craze, like blow pens they are a manual airbrush delivery with non-toxic watercolor markers. The pen set comes with 2 dispenser units some stencils,and 18 pens that have their own caps to help prevent them from drying out. So may time when I have used blow pens I have forgotten to turn the pens back in the tube only to find them dried out the next time I reached for them. It is so easy to add a touch of color right where you need it to you clients dogs with the magic pens,uncap your pen and insert the pen point down into the clear tube, then place the colored blow end onto the clear tube, then it is as simple as aim and blow to dispense the color. The closer you hold the end to the area the more concentrated the spray range is, meaning very close and the result is a finer line, farther back and you get a wider spray. Once you have sprayed a little color use a comb to spread it through the coat it will dry almost instantly. The color will usually come out with a wash or two. Very temporary is a good thing for some clients who just may not be sure that they want a long term color commitment. So go ahead add a little more magic to these already magical creatures!

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